What is Doucheware? Edit

In a sense doucheware is the origin to BananTech. Easily shown by both names being a portmanteau between something abselutely stupid and technology. Doucheware was a project started in mid 2012, that uploaded mocking sketches, Top 10 Lists, Let's Plays and other things in that sense. When BananaTech was started Lucas and Marius realized they didn't have enough time on their hands to continue Doucheware. Doucheware was shut down in late 2013. The first video ever uploaded to Doucheware was a let's play episode of the game "Cry Of Fear". Since both Marius and Lucas were immature little shits at the time, they thought it would be really funny to call the video "Cry Of Fuck - Part 1". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.