Søren in a bucket with water.

Søren is a member of Bananatech. He is one of the three original members, the other two being Lucas and Marius. Søren is known to have gay tendencies especially during filming. One time this got so out of hand he violently raped the camera man.

Jobs in Bananatech Edit

Søren is an actor, mainly appearing in the homo erotic roles of BananaTech's films.

Søren's first appearance Edit

The first time Søren was in a movie was in 2013. It was A Cold Horror Movie. Althought this wasn't his first appearence. The first time Søren was ever involved in a BananaTech project was in the never-released advertisement parody, "HTC whatever"

Since then he has appeared in A Cold Horror Movie 2, A Slasher Movie 3 and A Day Without Internet

Søren's characters Edit

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Some Dude in A Slasher Movie 3

Søren has played three characters

Some Dude Edit

Some Dude is the main protagonist in A Cold Horror Movie , A Cold Horror Movie 2 and A Slasher Movie 3

He's a pussy that can teleport guns.

Creepy Guy Edit

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Creepy Guy in A Day Without Internet

Creepy guy is an antagonist in A Day Without Internet

He's a liar

Wifi Man Edit

The Wifi Man is a character from A Day Without Internet

He's an idiot

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Wifi Man in A Day Without Internet